One Truth 818

Nobel Prize Winning advanced anti-aging skincare.

Looking for the next step up in more youthful skin? One Truth 818 uses Nobel-Prize-Winning science to physically reverse our skin’s ageing.

Award-winning science.

While our active skincare regimes cleanse and nourish, which makes our skin look and feel fabulous, One Truth 818 works at a deeper level to actually reverse wrinkles and pigmentation.

As we age, our telomeres (the “tails” on the end of our DNA) shorten, which makes our cells age. Using our body’s natural process, the 818 molecule activates and allows our cells to release a natural enzyme (usually dormant) called telomerase, to lengthen our telomeres again, resulting in youthful cells and youthful skin. Tam 818 is the strongest telomerase activator ever invented.

One easy step.

There are currently only two products in the range, the original One Truth 818 serum, a silky and rich serum also containing precious oils and other skin nourishing ingredients, and the newly released OneTruth 818 atomiser, an oil-free yet hydrating version of the formula containing the same dosage of Tam818. An easy add-on step for any skin savvy customer who’s serious about anti-aging and wants a boost to their active skin routine.

Life-changing science.

One Truth 818 Serum was created by the Chase Life Extension Foundation in collaboration with Dr Bill Andrews, who agreed to put his telomerase inducing molecule (Tam818) into the serum to fund his ongoing research into age reversal and curing diseases. It took 11 years of research and a $33 million investment by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews PhD and his team at Sierra Sciences - Finally, TAM-818 was discovered. 


A clock ticks inside every single living cell of our bodies, in a region, called the telomere, at the tips of our chromosomes. The shortening of the telomeres is proven to have a direct correlation with ageing. Just like the caps on the end of your shoelaces, the older the Telomeres get, the more worn out and shorter they become until they are rendered useless. When Telomeres get too short they are unable to support the DNA. Scientists have known about Telomeres since the 1930s and known that they get shorter as we get older since the 1970s.  


The ‘818’ molecule was handed over to experienced cosmetic scientists at Chase Life Extension Foundation who encapsulated this molecule into a complex liposome, enabling delivery of the ‘818’ into the deepest layers of the skin. This sophisticated active ingredient is now what we call, TAM-818. One Truth 818 serum is the only skincare serum in the world that contains Tam-818. 


Studies and testimonials show a significant reduction in forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, pigmentation, pore size and fine lines, plus an improvement in general skin texture within 8 weeks. To find out more and see before and after photos, view the link below.

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