CryoPen Cryosurgical Device

Fast and safe cryosurgical removal of benign skin imperfections.

Cryosurgery, sometimes referred to as cryotherapy, is a procedure using nitrous oxide to freeze and destroy benign skin lesions such as warts, skin tags, sun spots, freckles, pre-checked moles and other skin growths and imperfections. The lesion’s inter-cellular fluid is freezed, forming ice crystals, which subsequently destroy the cell.

The CryoPen is an advanced cryosurgery device that works as a faster, cleaner, more effective and safer new solution for removal of skin imperfections. The difference is in the high precision applicator, which doesn’t require direct contact with the skin and won’t damage surrounding skin tissue, unlike cotton swabs and tips.

Quick and effective solutions.

Unlike traditional cryotherapy methods, CryoPen does not require storing and handling of dangerous cryogenic gases and liquids, thanks to its easy replacement cartridges.

The CryoPen is able to penetrate up to 1mm per 5 seconds of application, making it an extremely versatile cryotherapy device, treating and removing anything from extremely superficial sunspots, freckles and non-cancerous moles, to lesions up to 5 mm in depth such as warts and skin tags.

Easy maintenance.

The CryoPen does not rely on contact with the skin to be effective, meaning no messy buds, cones, or apertures. There is also no need for maintenance, no refilling canisters, and no preparation needed to use the device. Freezing procedure time is less than one minute per lesion, so in-clinic time is minimised for clients, and can be performed as a fast add-on treatment to another appointment.

Safety and precision.

The high precision applicator tip allows for exceptionally targeted and safe treatments, ensuring that only the lesion is treated, and the healthy tissue around it is not freezing off. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of post-treatment hypo-pigmentation, and makes the CryoPen safe for all areas of the face and body, even near the eyes. This also ensures the treatment is relatively painless and comfortable.


CryoPen treatments can be performed by medical practitioners, but also by nurses and skin and aesthetics specialists, however all lesions must be pre-checked by a doctor prior to removal to ensure they are benign. Training for use of the Cryopen device is required, and this is provided by Cryopen/Probeauty around New Zealand. The Cryopen convenient, safe, and effective, making it the best-suited cryosurgery device for any aesthetically conscious clinic. Treatments result in minimal scarring and there is no need for anaesthetic.


The CryoPen provides safe removal of a range of skin imperfections such as sun spots, freckles, benign moles, warts and skin tags. Clients should have any moles or sun spots pre-checked by a doctor before having them removed with cryotherapy.


Probeauty is the New Zealand wholesale distributor for the CryoPen cryosurgical device and provides extensive, hands-on training for use of the device and treatment options. If you’re interested in more information or would like to purchase a CryoPen and become a treatment provider, please contact